Sunday, 7 March 2010

Up Date

Some ideas are just not good ones. Like this one. But Brett spent a good chunk of his time helping to photograph it so I felt it should at least be recognized. Even my photoshop efforts did nothing to help. The key is how to communicate without spelling it out or making an illustration. Does this look a little too LDS Ensign article to you? Yep, me too. Oh well. Thanks to all who contribute to my efforts even if all I learn is what not to do.
Snow snow snow, we keep getting more snow and I am so tired of dealing with chains, on off on off.
Yesterday the girls had their honor orchestra performances in Redlands. MaCall was made c0-principal of the 2nd violins this year - but out of the two cos was chosen for the main solo. I hear she did very well. She also found out that she really likes being a principal - said "it's great, everyone has to follow me, so I just get to play loud and do what I want". It seems to have put a spark under her. Eloise also did very well on viola in the Elementary orchestra. We have not sorted out lessons yet - as our teacher moved and the new one is in Big Bear - too far to drive!
Franz is working hard on many different projects - recently attended a conference in Salt Lake - South Central Society for Eighteenth Century Studies - organized a panel and gave a presentation.
I finally have the go ahead from my advisor on two paintings so am painting like crazy trying to get ready for mid term review this Thursday. I am so sick of driving, but once I get there, enjoy my friends and learning. I've been listening to Ruth, by Elizabeth Gaskell on the zune for my drives. It is pretty good. Before that I did Wilkie Collins Haunted Hotel.
I have discovered as of late that the world is populated with good people and bad people. I have encountered both. Bad - the person who created the virus that attacked my computer. Good - my friend's boy friend - Andy - who spent an entire day getting rid of it - for free. Bad - the neighbour who would not offer help to my girls and I when stranded in the snow needing help in getting the chains on. Good - the two men from our Crestline ward, who came out in the snow and put the chains on under the supervision of the police officer who wanted to give me a ticket for being stuck, but would not offer any assistance. Bad - public servants who do not serve. Good - the boy who likes MaCall who also drove out in the snow to save us - but was waved on by the public servant. (same boy spent most of the day with Franz, MaCall and Eloise yesterday so he could hear MaCall play that evening).
Any goods and bads in your life lately?
So, what is up with all of you?


Clancy said...

I think the photo is a bit "edgy" and reminds me more of a Sunstone article. I actually like the photo and its somber mood. Sorry to hear about your constant snow this winter. One storm is attractive for a short while, but you've gone well over the limit. Good to hear about MaCall's position in the orchestra and her great solo work! I do hope you can find a teacher for Eloise eventually; she seems to love the viola. Congrats to Franz on his successful conference and good luck to you, Serena, as you prepare for your Thursday midterm. I do think listening to books on tape is a perfect way to handle long drives, we do it quite often. Here's hoping you can encounter more and more "good" people as you work your way through this year.

Serena Potter said...

Thanks Clancy. I hope good people come your way too!

Christie Franke said...

I hope you gave that cop an earful. What a creep.

Tami said...

Apparently we were eating breakfast at the hotel the morning of Franz's conference- surprised we did not see him! Grandma sure enjoyed his visit! Glad to hear you are doing okay. I'm so glad the weather is mild this year- hearing your stories of chains and such just makes me enjoy the smog even more! I actually like the picture of you guys- it's interesting! I still can't believe you are living the student life again- it all seems so overwhelming to me now that I've been out of it for a few years. Tell your family hello- love your updates.

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